Save or Splurge- ELF Studio Stipple Brush and MAC 187

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Today im going to be doing a Comparison of the E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush and the MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush
In my opinion i think that the 187 is better just because it is more dense and i think it blends better it is also softer when blending because the fibres are softer and less “Scratchy”.
They both work really well i do like them both as they both do the job but i personally prefer the 187 but if you are on a budget then the ELF Studio Stipple Brush is for you

MAC 187= £31 (($50 USD))
Elf Studio Stipple Brush= £3.50 (($3.50USD))
——£21.50 (($46.50 USD)) saving!

I love Duo fibre brushes now i dont think i will go back to the 190 type brush as it tends to make the foundation not blend to well but with the 187 you get that beautiful air brushes look at home. I also find that it tends to use of less product but give just as good coverage
With this brush you want to stipple in dapping motions rather than swirling as you will be blending away the airbrushed look
My overall opinion if you can afford the 187 get it but if not buy the  ELF Studio Stipple Brush as Duo Fibre is the way to go!!
ELF Studio Stipple Brush
MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush

ELF Studio Stipple Brush

MAC 187 Duo Fibe Brush

Its just such an amazing brush for that Airbrushed finish, so if you like the airbrushed looked this is the brush for you

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