How to Use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

How to Use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Hey Beauties!,
Today I will be doing a tutorial on how to use the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, I was asked on Twitter by the fabulous Louise Macpherson how to use it so i thought id do a post to show how I use this product.

I think that Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is quite a difficult product to know how to use properly because it is so thick and can be quite unforgiving.

  • I start by taking a bit of the product and apply it to the back of my hand
  • I use my concealer brush and work the product into my hand using my body heat to warm it up
  • It should become more mailable and smooth as your body heat will help to make it creamier 
  • Apply to the part you want to cover with a patting motion for a spot as this will you will get the full coverage
-Make sure when applying the concealer that you have matched your skin tone well as if the concealer is too light you will end up highlighting the spot and this will make it worse

-If you want to use this under your eyes I would recommend mixing it with a bit of your moisturiser as it will sheer it down a little as it will be a bit to cakey for undereyes

-Once you set this with some powder it will not move no matter how much you rub it, I think this is such an amazing quality as you know its going to last

What is your favourite tip for this concealer?
Do you like  Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage 
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  1. Louise Macpherson14:35

    Thank you! I was applying it straight without warming up so will use your tips now! X

  2. im glad my tips have helped you! hope you enjoyed the post x

  3. Ashly Rae18:02

    Thanks for this. It is very cakey and hard never thought to warm it up first, great tip!! I find nothing beats it for covering spots! Truly amazing. Doesn't sit well directly under my eyes though. Perhaps I will try it now mixed with a little moisturiser :-)

  4. Great tips! I love love love LM Secret Camouflage as it covers spots and redness so well. I find using a stiff brush also helps to pat it into place :)

  5. Yeah totally i think a small stiff concealer brush is sort of key to using this product xx

  6. Its amazing actually how well it works once its warmed up a little

    thanks for commenting! xx

  7. I've been using LM Secret Camouflage for years now and it's such an amazing product, I always go back and repurchase. It lasts for absolutely ages and you know you can really trust the product! Would agree about mixing it with eye cream if using under the eyes as it's too dry on it's own xx

  8. glossandglitz17:51

    Great review and tips Andii! I just got the Sonia kashuk palette, and I also like the Hard Candy Glamoflauge for under the eyes. Love both! I love LMercier too, use their oil free foundation primer every day! XD