Friday Favourites

Hey Beauties! I thought i would do a new weekly post on my favourite products of the week. I thought id start of by showing you some of my favourites that I recently got.

I am absolutely loving this Daniel Sandler Palette in “Scandal at Midnight” its a really versatile palette as you can use this for an everyday look or you could use this for a night time look if you were going out as there is a good variety of colours not to mention how pigmented these colours and how smoothly they apply and blend.
The Witch Stick is one of my favourite blemish treatments as it actually works, what it does is it dries out the spot and treats it so it disappears faster. i have to say when you apply it it does tingle maybe even sting but it works right away i put this on last night and the blemish is basically on its way to being gone

La Roche Posay Eau Thermale is the same as every other thermal water spray but i like using this one because i like the brand and i like the products they produce. Thermal Water sprays help to calm irritation and help to soothe areas that are giving you bother, I also find that it helps to minimise redness on the skin

Benefit Fakeup is one of my most favourite concealers right now for myself and my makeup kit as its extremely hydrating, crease resistant and looks amazing on everyones skin the key to the product is the hydrating ring which contains apple seed extract and vitamin E

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper is bascially a colour gel which helps to set the brows in to shape it gives the brows colour and fill in sparse areas but also makes it so the brows are tidied and kept into place

Illamasqua Shoot Lipgloss came out with the I’mperfection collection, its bascially an opaque green lipgloss that goes on like a dream and its sticky its a bit tacky but thats to be expected but its no where near sticky. I really like the new packaging as its a little brush i felt the old packaging was good but the products tended to leak a little so i didnt like that

Illamasqua Apocalips is a gorgeous matte teal lipstick ok its a really weird colour but i absolutely love it! its just so weird and different and you know me im all for weird and different! Apocalips and shoot Lipgloss look amazing together!

Crown Brush Infinity Series I got these last week i think and im in love these brushes are fabulous for applying cream and liquid products because they dont soak up the product into the brush so you dont apply more product to the brush, i love the buffing brush because it has to be one of the most dense brushes i have ever used!

and last but not least Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora This product is a god send for highlighting as it gives you a really natural glow to the skin as well as brightening it. You can use it on a number of places such as the cheek bones the brow bone and even on the cupids bow to give the illusion of bigger lips

So those where my favourites
What are your favourites?
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