Cream Eyeshadow Bases from Drugstore to Luxury

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I was asked on twitter to more posts to help people find some good products across the range from drugstore to luxury so i thought i would do this post today on Cream Bases/Eyeshadows.
Bases are used to either even out the lids before eyeshadow application, control oil on the lids or to add more colour before applying eyeshadow. Usually i will use a base either nude or coloured just to make sure the eyeshadow sticks better and also to make sure its more true to colour it also helps to make your makeup last long as you are layering products which also help to stop creasing

Top Row- Laura Mercier Eye Canvas, Chanel Illusion D’ombre, Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes
Middle Row- New CID Cosmetics i-colour, MAC Paintpot
Bottom Row- Maybelline Colour Tattoo, Me Me Me Dew Pot

Ive picked 12 different bases from a range of different brands some costing as low as £4 to some costing around £25+ each of them i really like and are bases i use in my kit quite a lot, i will break them down below show some swatches so you can see the difference between the brands

From Left to Right
Laura Mercier Eye Canvas in EC2- £22.50 ($26)
Chanel Illusion D’ombre in Fantasme- £24 ($36)
Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes in Spice- £28  ($42)

These are all the higher end brand bases that i would use in my kit each of them performing differently. I use the Laura Mercier Eye Canvas for when i need to even out eyelids or i will use it to control oil if someone has oily lids as it contains potato starch. I will use Chanel Illusion D’ombre in Fantasme when i want a little shimmer and sparkle because its such a shimmery colour, Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eye in Spice is used when i want darker eyes more sultry and dramatic because its such a warm colour it gives the eyes a great grungy look if used alone but when used with other eyeshadows it creates a really beautiful smokey eye.
All of the above products set apart from the Illusion D’ombre which seems to set but the glitter doesn’t as if you rub your eyes it will move and go everywhere

From Left to Right
New CID Cosmetics i-colour in Cobalt – £14.50 (Est Around $14-18)
New CID Cosmetics i-colour in Crystal Quartz – £14.50 (Est Around $14-18)
MAC Paint pot in Painterly – £14.50 ($18.50)

These products are still really high in quality and tend to last quite long, you will love the New CID Cosmetics i-colour is you want a wash of colour to then apply something over the top as they work together to create some gorgeous textures and colours, the MAC Paint Pot i use is Painterly and is mostly used to even out someones lids or to be used as a base for apply eyeshadow onto so the powder sticks and you can see its full vibrancy
These don’t really set as much as others do but applying a powder shadow on top of them you should have a problem

From Left to Right
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Light in Purple -£4.99 ($6.99)
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe £4.99 ($6.99)
Me Me Me Dew Pot in Autumn Smoulder- £7.25 ($11)

When people see drugstore they don’t think that they can be good quality but i have found of some great bases from the drugstore that perform just as good as the others. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Light in Purple is the perfect sheer base to apply powder eyeshadow onto as it gives a gorgeous sheen to the shadow its really pretty, Permanent Taupe is a good dupe for Illamasqua Cream Pigment Hollow but this colour is a bit darker it’s also a great colour for creating a not too deep smokey eye. The last product is the Me Me Me Cosmetics Dew Pot in Autumn Smoulder which is a really deep red/purple which creates some really gorgeous grunge looks but can also create some really soft understated makeup without looking too dark
All of these have really good lasting power the Colour tattoo’s set so they won’t move at all.

What are your favourite bases?
Do you think it really price matters so long as it works?
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