Maybelline Brow Drama vs Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper (Save or Splurge)

Maybelline Brow Drama vs Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper

Hey Beauties!
I thought i would do another Splurge or Save post today one quite a new product that i have came to love.

Above we have the new Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara which is just like a clear brow gel but these are tinted to match the brow hair, i have Medium Brown and Dark Brown these are just brushed into the brows lightly to fill in any gaps in the hairs and to also sculpt the brows into a specific shape then we have the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper which is used in the exact same way its tinted as well i have the colours Rich Brown and Mahogany

Maybelline Brow Drama vs Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper (Save or Splurge)

As you can see the brushes are quite different, i think the type of brush makes a big difference when applying a product like this. Before buying the Maybelline Brow Drama I loved the Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper because i could use it on anyone for any type of type i found it most handy using it on Men when working on photoshoots on set because Men can sometimes have unruly eyebrows and these products just sort them out but now ive tried the Maybelline Brow Drama i actually like this more because of the wand, yes the end of it is a bit weird but it does work really well to get all the brows facing the right way and to give proper shape to them.
The colours for these both match really well i would say this is an almost exact dupe although the Medium Brown isnt as ashy as the Bobbi Brown Rich Brown

Maybelline Brow Drama vs Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper Swatches
Left- Maybelline Brow Drama
Right- Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper

The only different as i said is the Bobbi Brown Rich Brown is a bit more ashy but thats really it. In comparison the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper has 5 different colours from clear to Mahogany a dark ash brown whereas the Maybelline Brow Drama only has 3 shades to choose from but i think in all the Maybelline Brow Drama is a good choice as it comes with 12 ml of product for only £4.99 and does an amazing job at defining and filling the brows and the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper is £15 for only 4ml of product so you can see thats a really small amount of product. So you are getting more than double the product with Maybelline for more than half the price

As i always say if you can afford the Bobbi Brown then buy that one these posts are just about giving people the facts so they can make up their own minds on which one they want, all of the opinions are what i like personally so dont feel that you have to go with what i say because you might like something i dont etc

Which one do you like best?
Do you use Brow Gels?
Leave a comment!
I’m happy to answer any and all questions.
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  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    I’m probably the only one still sticking to brow pens, but it works for me and I find it tricky to find shades in other products that go with my hair and brows. I will definitely splurge out on an Anastasia product just to see if the hype is worth it, but I think I’ll leave the brow gels to the pro’s :O) Xx

    • I usually use brow gels as a finishing product as it breaks up the powders and pencils so it doesnt look so drawn on 😛 but i do think using tinted brow gels are a bit harder
      thanks for the comment! x

  • I’m using the Anastasia one right now which is colorless but these seem interesting 🙂 honestly, brow mascaras are so much better in rush than doing the pencil/powder routine! nice comparison Andrew

    • I really want to try Anastasia! ive heard so much about them the brow gels look amazing x

      • I am testing one currently… will post soon and let you know 😀
        so far I’m loving it though!

  • Alana Mullen

    I keep seeing the ads for the Maybelline one, think I’m going to have to try them out soon! I love my powder brow stuff but it’s always nice to try something different! 🙂

  • I keep seeing the Maybelline one but the colours don’t seem to be ashy enough for my hair colour. Although at that price it is rather tempting!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • I totally agree they arnt ashy enough but they still do work and yeah the price that its at it kind of a given you know x

  • Alice

    I love the maybelline one I haven’t stopped using it since I bought it. A bargain too. X

  • $65446731

    I’m currently just using a clear gel from no7 but these maybelline ones look so good, so so glad the high street is bucking its ideas up when it comes to brows!

  • Demi McCann

    I’m definitely gonna be trying out Maybelline Brow Drama, although I just love the control that an eyebrow pencil gives me so it will be hard for a wand to compete with that!

    Demi |

    • I think it gets easier with practice its just about having a light hand, usually i will use a powder/pencil then use a brow gel to break it all up so it looks like a proper brow and not drawn on x

  • Mirela Kasimovic

    My vote for Maybelline Brow Drama I like the unique wand and light colored gel that tints it gives proper shape to eyebrows !!

    Mirela |

  • Crystal DivaLevy

    Thank you for this post, I was just looking for an eyebrow gel for my thick eyebrows. The drug store is a good place to start.

  • Well, I must try those two to experience the difference.

  • I’ve been wanting to try out brow gels for awhile now, but didn’t know if I wanted to splurge on a high end brand. Glad to know that I can try out the Maybelline one first!

  • Just discovered your blog after you followed me on instagram (@slashedbeauty) I love this series of yours! I gotta try out that brow drama!

  • l

    looking at the photos, but which is which?

  • Valerie B

    I love the maybelline brow drama. I just found in at Target two days ago. I recently cut my hair into a pixie and beached it platinum. My brows need to be perfect because they really stand out now. In the last 6 weeks I have bought every brow product I could find trying to get the right one. Twelve differnt brands and types. I don’t want my brows to look like they are drawn on with a Sharpie. Just something to darken them a touch and give them a nice shape. This is the best product I have found. It goes on light so my brows still look natural. It even hides the little scar I have. .Another big plus is it stays on perfect all day and washes off easy at night. The brush is a little strange but it works like a magic wand. Thank you maybelline.