Givenchy to launch Prismissime Lip and Cheek Palette for SS14


Givenchy is launching a new collection this month called "Over Rose"  which will be featuring this gorgeous lip and cheek palette, Prismissime Euphoric Pink whats special about this palette it that it will be the first lip and cheek Prismissime that Givenchy will have done. One thing that might bother you is how much it costs its priced at £44.50 which is a hefty price tag for something like this but seeing as it is so high quality its worth it. The  Prismissime Euphoric Pink Lip & Cheek Palette will feature a non-sticky formula which spreads easily on the lips, ensuring perfect hold and comfort. This palette also comes with 3 applicators 2 for the lips and one for cheeks but in my opinion they never work that well anyway so i dont know how good they will be. The palette contains 9 lip and cheek colours in various matte pink shades: Passionate, Loving, Youthful, Romantic, Tender, Childlike, Aphrodisiac, Sentimental and Dreamer. The collection launches on the 21st January on counters nationwide

I really like this palette just because its quite cute and there are some very bold shades there anyone who reads my blog will know im not one for beiges and nudes. The fact this palette contain so many unique shades and all matte is something that really makes me happy because i find everything is all about glossy and satin not nearly enough people wear matte lips.

What do you think of this palette?
Have you tried Givenchy before?
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  1. This is RIGHT up my street! I'll just need to remember to pick it up. In fact... better put a reminder on my phone ;) hehe.

    I've never actually gotten around to trying Givenchy makeup but I want to give their Eclat Matissime foundation a try in the future.

    - Iram @ Lovestruck for Louboutins

  2. Its gorgeous with bold shades but when it comes to price its not..

    - Mirela Kasimovic |

  3. Very pricey indeed however it sounds and looks incredible! I have never used anything from Givenchy before so this might be on my list of things to buy :) x

  4. Beautiful colours. I prefer brights for lips


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  6. That set looks amazing! I love the colors. Too bad the price sticker is so high! Lovely blog :)