Superdrug Celebrity Weight Scales Backlash


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I dont usually blog about these things but i had to give my opinion on this as i think the media is to blame for a lot of problems these days.
Superdrug tweeted today about these "Celebrity Weight Scales" where you could weigh yourself and see what weight you are in relation to celebrity.Superdrug said that this was to take away the stigma of weight and get more people talking but i think its such a bad idea because you should never compare yourself to another celebrity, Not to mention that there are young teens out there wanting to look like these stars and the fact they basically have a guide to looking like Cheryl Cole or Beyonce is horrible

I honestly dont know why the people at Superdrug thought this would be a good idea because the psychological repercussions could be really bad imagine someone having body issues already and finding out that youre 3 celebrites away from who you love it could lead to an even bigger rise in eating disorders in the UK which are already at an all time high.
Cheryl Cole tweeted that she didnt even want to be involved in this whole thing so that just shows you how controversial this whole thing is

Although superdrug did issue a statement about the outcry and backlash about the scales but there was no apology or even non apology, i think its really irresponsible not to even own up to mistakes that they have made now and also in the past for previous fat/weight shaming

What do you think of this situation?
Was just a PR stunt to get people talking?
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  1. That is a terrible idea, and I doubt it was only a publicity stunt. Someone actually thought that would be a great idea?!

  2. This is an awful idea! Superdrug are awful PR wise and I can't stand their service in store or online. There is no way this should have been posted! Surely these things go through a number of people before they're OK'd to be posted? AWFUL

  3. Such a fail in their book, how do they think that this is a positive re-enforcement for people? There is enough material for people to compare themselves to do we really need to add something else? No.

  4. Im surprised this has even come out especially if celebrities haven't endorsed it!

  5. This is terrible, as someone who has struggled with their weight I know how devastating it is to find out you are heavier than others. Body positivity and self esteem needs to be promoted to younger people (and some adults), not a celebrity lifestyle.

  6. How ridiculous - the things these companies dream up! I was just reading earlier how Rodial are releasing a range called 'Cougar' for menopausal women, which is so offensive too.

    I'm sure Superdrug have a wide following of young girls and to promote this is just wrong. x

  7. Ugh, that's horrible! I can't imagine who could have possibly thought this was a good idea, or what they were even trying to promote.

  8. Soooo glad to see that you've talked about this in your blog. The idea is horrible! And then we wonder why we all are so obsessed with our looks..