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Hey Beauties!

I was recently sent this gorgeous wig by Anthony from AK Wig Designs, its a custom made blue bouffant type wig that i absolutely love!
This wig is a full lace front wig with a few inches of spare lace that can be cut to measure with combs in the sides and backs to secure it to your head it also comes with ties in the back of the wig. I find that gluing the lace down works best as it wont even move once you put it on, i use spirit gum to apply it 

As you can see above you cant even see the lace or connection it just looks like my hair which i think is amazing because with some lace fronts i can either see the lace or its not been cut properly but i absolutely love this wig because it was so easy to custom fit and the fact that its not at all heavy even though there is a lot of hair there

If you like these wigs  you can find more at www.akwigdesigns.com, Anthony creates all his wigs by hand and styles them as well but what i really love is he offer a service where he will restore old wigs they wont look new but they will be restyled and make to look presentable. Prices for these wigs are around £97-£200 they price is high because they are such great quality wigs you wont be disapointed, i can safely say from my time talking to Anthony it was a very simple easy and friendly process to get the wig.

What do you think of the wig?
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  1. Oh man the flame wig looks awesome for a flame princess a la adventure time cosplay. I also like the look of this one http://www.akwigdesigns.com/bespoke-made-wigs/long-styles/ak-l-06.html it seems cool for an ursula cosplay but I suppose I should go for a up do if I want to cosplay as her. >.< Cool site, admittedly a lot of it is a lot more than I'd spend on wigs, maybe one day though.

  2. Half of me really now wants a lace front wig.

  3. Wow what a gorgeous colour!! and you suit it soooo much lovely !!
    Melissa x
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  4. Its amazing how it looks like your own hair, isn't it. I think it probably helps that you use spirit gum to keep the hairline looking flawless.


  5. Love the color off the wig, pretty :-D Love how it looks like your own hair too.

    Love, Christine♥

  6. I love this wig!

  7. I actually didn't realise it was you in the photo, is that a good thing or a bad thing?