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Get ready for the Revolution, the Makeup Revolution that is. Ive heard a lot about this brand lately which seems to be doing really well. It reminds me of brands like MUA but only better i would honestly have to say. I just think the quality and packaging is better overall.
Colour and Pigmentation
The One Foundation comes in an impressive 16 different shades, now for a drugstore that is absolutely amazing. I find a lot of the time there aren’t enough shades to suit everyone most drugstore brands bring out about 5 colours if you’re lucky one of them might suit you but no not with this brand you have from a white foundation to a very dark colour and to say again white foundations are again impossible to find in a drugstore. This reminds me so much of MAC Face and Body it has a really similar consistency its a bit more watery but still a great product. This is a sheer foundation that can be built up to a medium coverage best used on anyone but personally i love using it on men because its such a light coverage it corrects everything without looking like makeup.

The One Foundation Shade 3 shown above
Wear Time
When worn with a primer you are looking at around 7 hours of wear which is pretty good for a foundation like this, i think the longer wear time is due to the fact that it dries down on the skin leaving it covered but still looking like skin. I used the Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray with this foundation and found that the 2 products work really well together.
This little bottle reminds me so much of a tiny MAC Face and Body containing no where near the amount though this bottle contains 29ml which is pretty normal considering the average is 30ml for a foundation. The product comes in this plastic bottle that is very soft and malleable its not hard so you won’t have to fight with it. It comes with a little dropper that dispenses the product. I love the dropper idea  as you only squeeze out what you need. I wouldn’t think this would cause any trouble in bags or makeup bags as its quite small and compact and the screw lid closes really tightly so its quite convenient to carry around.
Price and Where to Buy
Makeup Revolution The One Foundation is only £4 and for a product such as this is think that is fantastic! i’m always finding these great products for no money at all some beating the high end counterparts. You can only purchase this foundation online just now from or but it will be coming into stores soon
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