Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray Review

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Something im really into is good setting sprays. I always think that if you have a good setting spray your makeup will last all day and beyond sometimes i prefer to use sprays as to using powders as i find that some people dont need to powder.
The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray is a great affordable version of a setting spray, if we are thinking setting sprays we think of Model in a Bottle and SKINDINAVIA but here we have a really affordable version of a setting spray. I was quite worried when i first started using this because it has a really high alcohol content so i thought that it might dry out my already dry skin but thankfully that never happened which im really happy with.
I found that this spray worked really well with my skin it held the makeup where it was supposed to be and best of all i didnt even need to touch up much maybe a bit of powder 4/5 hours in which to me is great because i usually get quite a oily t zone.

“The ultimate product In Makeup Revolution’s Professional range, Used by professionals and for everyday use to keep your make-up in place all day long. The Formula will protect your makeup against heat & humidity, cold and windy conditions and however your skin reacts this will help your makeup to stay perfect for upto 8 hours”

I think the packaging of this is really simplistic its nothing flashy but it works well this hasn’t leaked or accidently opened when carried which is really important.

For £5* you cant really fault this makeup setting spray, i really like it and think it does its job really great, youll be able to find the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray online at or in any superdrug store that carries Makeup Revolution if you visit their facebook page youll be able to find out more

What is your favourite setting spray?
Have you used this setting spray?
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  • AllThingsKerri

    Does this create a continuous spray or a squirt like yet similar to the elf one? I am interested in getting this its nice to see a setting spray on the high street!

  • ChristineIversen

    I really like the Urban Decay All Nighter spray, works great 🙂

    Definitely want to give this one a go as soon as I run out of the Urban Decay one. Been very happy with the products that I have tried from Makeup Revolution so far 🙂

    Christine, x

  • It is really good, isn’t it? I can’t believe it’s only £5 xx

  • Looks great and for only £5, I will definitely be trying this out!
    Jo x

  • Love the packaging! This sounds amazing! I need to get my hands on this spray!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  • Thanks for the tip! I’ve been looking for one that’s not dewy because I get so oily!

  • I’ve been tempted to try some fixing spray for some time now, definitely tempted to pick this up soon now!

    -sarah xo