Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Review

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Review
Hey Beauties!
Today i have to show you the perfect lipsticks from Makeup Revolution just in time for Halloween, whos excited? i know i am.
The Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks are a hot new favourite lately, available in 5 different shades and for an affordable price you’d need to be crazy to pass on these.

Pigmentation and Colour

As i said about the Atomic Lipsticks come in 5 different colours, Magnificent, Make It RightMake Me Tonight, Serpent, Ruby. These colours are perfect for those of you who dont want to spend tons of money on a bright/dark lipstick from the likes of MAC or Illamasqua that you will probably only use once. The pigmentation of these lipsticks impressed me for such an affordable product i didn’t expect that. The finish of the Atomic Lipsticks is almost a satin texture they arnt matte but they arnt really soft like a balm its almost like a middle ground, ive also found these dont dry out your lips as well as i find a lot of drugstore brand lipsticks tend to dry out your lips even if they arnt a matte texture

Wear Time
You will find that these will last a while around 4 hours not anything spectacular but for only £1* you cant fault them its not that hard to do a little touch up though the day either. I think what makes these so great is the fact they are all such weirder colours that you dont usually find in the drugstore range of makeup so i can live with a little less wear time for a more affordable price.
The packaging of the Atomic Lipsticks is really functional its nothing like you’re high end lipsticks but it still doesn’t look cheap. I do love the little top bit of the lipstick so you can see what the colour is without opening it, thats a great little feature i think that sort of makes this lipstick even better. With a tight closure you wont find the cap coming off in your bag and ruining it as the lid is quite hard to get off accidentally 

Price and Where to Buy
You can get the Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks from Superdrug or online at makeuprevolutionstore.comAs said above these lipsticks are only £1* each so you won’t be breaking the bank purchasing it which i think is what we all look for, a great product that is also affordable.
What is your favourite Atomic Lipstick?
What are you doing for Halloween?
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