The Death of the Beard

Death of the Beard

The Beard has been really popular lately its either a love or hate thing. Personally for me im not a fan of beards, I like a bit of stubble or facial hair but not a full on beard i think a lot of the time if its not taken care of properly it can look really unruly and untidy… one likes the hobo look. 
There has recently been some research showing that beards are slowly dying out and partners are now preferring smooth clean shaved or a bit of stubble.

Infographic from

I thought this was a pretty cool infographic and thought it would be cool to share it with everyone as beards are rather popular just nowAs you can see in Glasgow (where im from) People tend to prefer a smooth shave which i totally agree i haven’t seen any guys sporting full beards about Glasgow.

What is your opinion on Beards?
Like them or Loathe them?
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