Real Techniques set to launch Sculpting & Concealer brushes

Real Techniques set to launch Sculpting & Concealer brushes
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If you are a regular readers you will know i am a big fan of Real Techniques they are really affordable, great quality and last much longer than some of the other brushes i have had from higher end brands. Real Techniques are set to launch 2 new brushes which rather intrigue me.
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
First of the new launches we have the Sculpting Brush which is said to feature a wide angled head which is specifically designed to help create defined contours on the face. So this would be a good brush to use with either powder or cream contour. To me it looks a bit big to get any sort of proper contouring done so i would probably use it for foundation as it looks to be good for that kind of work
Real Techniques Concealer Brush
Then we have the Concealer brush which you will see is angled so it will be perfect for under the eyes or around the nose, the angle of the brush is designed for precise application to camouflage skin imperfections and under eye circles. This brush reminds me a lot of the Illamasqua Smoothing Brush but a more affordable version of it and i think it does look a bit bigger but not by much
Illamasqua Smoothing Brush
All Real Techniques brushes are made with 100% cruelty-free, ultra plush bristles so you dont have to worry about wondering if they are cruelty free, i also think they are all synthetic brushes as well but i wouldnt quote me on that because i know the original brushes were synthetic 
You will be able to find these brushes in Boots, Superdrug and on for £7.99 and£9.99. They will be available for purchase in May
What are your favourite brushes?
Are you looking forward to these?
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