Fudge Urban Brand Focus and Review

Fudge Urban Brand Focus and Review
Hey Beauties!
Im very particular when comes to hair products i dont really stray to far from what i know and love Label M, Bumble and Bumble, Ojon. A few weeks ago i decided to try some more products from the Fudge Urban range, an off shoot of Fudge Professional which can only be found in salons and places like Sallys. Fudge Urban is a consumer brand available in select retailers like Superdrug and Boots

Fudge Urban Ice Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray

First off i want to speak about the Hairsprays all i can say really is that they are some of the best smelling hairsprays ive ever used and i dont say that often because again im very particular with Hairspray. The Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray (£4.99)  has to be my favourite for an everyday hairspray because i like a bit of movement in my hair, its also great for those off you who have the dreaded frizzyness as this calms everything down and best of all it can be brushed out using something like a tangle teaser. For shorter hair or more intricate work where you want everything polished and to last id go for the Ice Coconut Cocktail Hairspray (£4.99)  because this is more of a super hold spray but i can safely say both smell like absolute heaven i would literally just buy this just for the smell.

Fudge Urban Rocker Wax Review

Fudge Urban Rocker Wax
Fudge Urban Rocker Wax (£6.99) is a fantastic all rounder product it can be put in the hair then reworked throughout the day it would be a great product for a session stylist because of its versatility, it can be used on someone with really short hair to give your hair a little style, its perfect for creating quiffs and even great on people with long hair a little secret weapon when curling hair is to add a little tiny bit of wax to the bottoms of your hair and scrunch it in that way your curls last longer and have added definition. Again Rocker Wax smells fantastic! it kind of smells of coconut i would say.
Fudge Urban Matte Wax

Fudge Urban Matte Wax Review
Fudge Urban Matte Wax (£6.99) was the first ever product i bought from Fudge Urban.This little god send is perfect for those of you who dont want a shine in your hair, Its a hard really matte wax. I think this has to be my favourite product from the line its on par with the hairsprays simple because again its so versatile, This would be perfect on people with shorter hair as this is more of a harder product its best for texturing hair adding your little last styling bits 
Just now i would say these are my favourite products from the range just now i’m hoping to try more in the future! check out below this cool video on how to go Limp to Quiff in a few easy steps with Lou Teasdale Fudge Urbans Global Brand Ambassador

What do you think of Fudge Urban?
What is your favourite product?
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