Lynx Black: Understated Grooming Range for Men Review

Lynx Black Review
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Today im going to be posting about the new collection from Lynx called Black* its meant to be a “Understated Grooming Range for Men, that embraces the individual style of our cities streets” Lynx has created a bespoke and sophisticated grooming range to help guys look, smell an exude understated confidence. The collection comprises of a Body Spray, an Anti-perspirant, Shampoo and Hair Clay. The range features a masculine scent to help guys get noticed in a subtle yet effective way.


I had stopped using Lynx back when i was a teenager i think for me it was just that “teenage boy smell” of covering yourself in so much you could hardly breathe its like the Axe bodyspray for the US. So you can understand i was surprised when i tried these out and they actually smelled pretty nice its not the Lynx of my teenage years but something more refined something better
Lynx Black Casual Clay
First we have the Lynx Black Casual Clay which awesomely smells exactly like the other products which is usually not the case with hair products. When using it you wont need a lot of product just a little bit on the tips of your fingers rub your hands together to warm up the product and apply. The Clay has a matte finish but its not a drying matte but more of a reworkable matte finish.
Lynx Black Shampoo
Next we have the shampoo which is called “Black Reboot Shampoo”  again smells really great like the other products. Its a really strong shampoo its one that you would use to remove build up of products in your hair, i honestly dont think i would use this as a regular shampoo as i found it did dry out my hair a little which i didnt like as i had to use a mask to “fix” it but as a once a week shampoo to get rid of product build up this would be fantastic
Lynx Black Collection
Last but not least we have the 2 deodorants in the Lynx Black Collection one is a simple body spray and the other is a anti-persperant. Ive been using them both for the past 2 weeks and i’m actually really loving them they work so well and its true the scent is very understated but its quite powerful because it stays and last a long time. I really like the fact there are no lids on these because im always loosing lids to products and it ends up being broken somewhere so i think its great that these are twist caps rather than removeable lids

Talking about the scent of the range it contains base notes of Watermelon Ester, bergamot and frozen pear then evolving with notes of fresh fruits and a blend of moss, cedarwood and patchouli. The scent for Lynx Black was created by Ann Gottlieb  who is created of CK One
If you are interested in this range you can get it from supermarkets like Tesco, Asda and in drugstores like Superdrug and Boots. Lynx Black Body Sprays: £3.29 for 150ml, Lynx Black Casual Clay: £4.29, Lynx Black Shower Gel: £3.29 for 150 ml
What is your favourite?
Do you use Lynx?
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