Percy & Reed Launches Wonder Prime Light

Percy & Reed Launches Wonder Prime Light
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Percy & Reed are set to launch an awesome new product something i see as being quite popular. If you are a fan of the brand you will know about the Wonder Balm and all of it’s many fantastic uses, well Wonder Primer Light supposedly provides the prepping and priming benefits of Wonder Balm in a lightweight, spray-on and leave-in lotion. 

This sounds fantastic to me because lately i’m all about hair primers i feel like just as you would use a face primer and everyone knows how important they are to good makeup, hair primers are just the same they help to not only protect the hair from heat damage but also help to make your products work a bit better while using less of them. Wonder Prime Light helps to detangles and nourishes hair, creating a smooth foundation for styling. 
Wonder Prime Light should be sprayed in damp, towel dried hair, ensuring coverage from roots to ends
You will be able to find Wonder Prime Light in shops like Boots from the 1st of June, costing around £18
What is your favourite Percy & Reed product?
Do you use hair primers?
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