ghd Total Volume Foam Review

ghd Total Volume Foam Review
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We all love big hair dont we? bigger the better and if you dont love big hair…you should! One of my favourite products for big hair is the ghd Total Volume Foam. 
Its a fantastic product for those of you that want your hair big and full of body. ghd Total Volume Foam is an easy to use mousse that creates soft but lasting volume and fullness in all hair types. It contains the ghd Heat Protection System to protect the hair against heat damage, it helps to give fine thin hair body by adding volume.

ghd Total Volume Foam
When using the ghd Total Volume Foam i usually use about 2-4 pumps depending on the thickness of the person’s hair and how much hair they have, for the best use of the volume foam i use a comb to apply it so you get the most even of distribution rather than just putting on the head and ending up with all the product in one spot.
I find the best thing about this foam is that it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy at all once its blow dried into the hair you can clearly see the visible difference in volume but you can still run your fingers through it as it doesn’t feel like there is any product
ghd Total Volume Foam Review
I didn’t think i would enjoy using the ghd products but i was really surprised at how well they actually worked for me, this is now a staple for me when doing peoples hair.

The ghd Total Volume Foam retails for £14.95 for a 200ml bottle and is available direct from the ghd website

ghd Total Volume Foam
ghd Total Volume Foam used on Jay (Left) and Debay (Right)
What is your favourite ghd Product?
Have you used any of them before?
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