Balmain Pre Styling Cream Review

Balmain Pre Styling Cream Review

Hey Beauties!

Who knew that Balmain did hair products as well as clothes? i certainly didn’t until Balmain sent me this Pre Styling Cream.

I wanted to see if this product would live up to the reputation Balmain has and i think it does its a pretty good product. I think pre styling products are really important because the set the base for all the styling you’re going to be doing so what could be bad about that!

Balmain Pre Styling Cream Review

Let’s face it none of us would leave the house without moisturising your skin, so now we can care for our hair in the same way. Pre Styling Cream is the ultimate pre-treatment application to give your hair volume and shine, When applying this you really don’t need that much product at all because i feel like its so concentrated a lot would be counter productive.

Pre Styling Cream contains Argan Oil and Silk Protein to help condition the hair and protect it from styling damage.

Balmain Pre Styling Cream Review

I really like that Pre Styling Cream reduces frizziness as my hair is quite on the frizzy side sometimes, it also creates definition and can even help to reduce blow dry time which i haven’t really found that happening but perhaps for others it might just do that

 Pre Styling Cream should be applied daily to either wet hair and blow dried in with a smoothing brush of your choice or applied into dry hair but dont use too much as its really easy to go overboard

Balmain Pre Styling Cream Review

Even though Pre Styling Cream is a great product, i found that it has improved the condition of my hair probably due to the Argan Oil and Silk Protein there really isn’t that much that is unique about it and with quite a big price tag at £20.95* it’s not really something you have to have

Would i go out and buy another when this is finished? Perhaps not but that doesn’t mean that you wont like it, you might end up loving it

What do you use pre styling?
What do you think of the Pre Styling Cream ?
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