COLAB Mini Dry Shampoo Review

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How are you all doing this fine day? I just had my brows done and hair cut so im pretty happy. Today im going to talk about these little holy grail products the COLAB Mini Dry Shampoo . If you’re anything like me you’ll love a good dry shampoo but finding a good one can sometimes be really hard so say hello to COLAB created by the amazing beauty blogger and model Ruth Crilly, she’s really outdone herself with this product which has become a staple in doing my hair.
COLAB Mini Dry Shampoo Review
COLAB dry shampoo has really impressed me its one of those products that was subjected to so much hype i didn’t want to believe it and i wasnt to sure if it could all be true, i mean come on an invisible dry shampoo that leaves no horrible white residue, absorbs really fast and smells fantastic it had to be too good too be true that was until Ruth sent me a few of the full size dry shampoos to use, its safe to say i was really impressed it really did live up to everything i had heard from other bloggers.
Recently i just found that Superdrug were selling mini versions of the COLAB dry shampoos so i had to get a few. These are perfect for those of you who want to take one around with you because they are small.

If you turn your can around it shows you how to properly apply the dry shampoo which i think is a really smart idea because its good not to assume that everyone knows how to use a product.

COLAB Mini Dry Shampoo Review
Gone are the days of that horrible smell that sometimes comes with dry shampoos i can honestly say that COLAB have some of the best scents my favourites have to Rio, London and Monaco. Its almost like wearing perfume but for your hair which is always really nice.
COLAB is in a completely different league from other dry shampoo brands, there is one brand im sure you all know and some of you might love but i really cant get to grips with use Batiste its almost like the opposite in every way from COLAB. The dreaded white hair is unreal with Batiste
For reference you can see how small the can is and how easy it would be to carry around with you
You can find COLAB in any superdrug store in the hair aisle which is usually near the makeup COLAB Dry Shampoo Mini’s are £2 for 50ml
Have you tried COLAB?
What is your favourite scent?
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