Move over OSIS Dust it and Say Hello to Structure Dust

Move over OSIS Dust it and Say Hello to Structure Dust

Hey Beauties!

How is everyone doing? Today i wanted to talk about a product i have just found, I was a big fan of the OSIS Dust it before i found out about Structure Dust its basically the same idea as Dust it but i find that the product itself works much better and not to mention you get so much more of it as well.

Structure Dust

There are many different uses for this product, you could use it to give your short hair some texture or you could you use it on long hair to give the hair some volume, it’s also great for giving texture and separation for layered hair, I find it works amazingly on people with finer hair as it seems to add bulk and volume where as OSIS Dust It only really adds volume and i think the lasting time of Dust it tends to be quite short as you as too put your fingers in your hair and massage it to get the volume back where as with Structure Dust it sort of just stays where you put it.

Structure Dust Review

As you can see above its a really defused product so small that you wont see it in your hair, Its also great for absorbing oils from the hair kind of working like a dry shampoo. The big thing that i find is different with this is it can be used in either wet hair or dry hair but with the OSIS dust it you can only use it in dry hair. Structure Dust is also free from Silicones and Sulphates and is Vegan friendly which is pretty awesome for a product like this.

Move over OSIS Dust it and Say Hello to Structure Dust

I really love that Structure Dust doesn’t have a lid if you know me then you will know im forever losing lids to things and the fact this just has a sifter lid is perfect as with OSIS Dust it, you can guess i lost the lid.

You can find Structure Dust online at for £11.65* and you get 14g of product compaired to Dust It where you only get 10g for £12.95.

What is your favourite?
OSIS Dust it? or Structure Dust?
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