Strobing? The New Contouring??

Strobing? The New Contouring??
Hey Beauties!
We have all been hearing about the words “strobing” lately and a lot us of dont really know what is it and how do to it, heck a lot of us havent even mastered contouring yet.
So to start out simply Strobing really is just highlighting in specific parts of the face to give a really defused “strobe” look hence the name. Another thing we have to talk about its not new its been around for a long time ive been doing it for years mainly its used when Drag Queens do their makeup they let powders sit under their eyes to give the idea of light as it shapes the face.

Kim Kardashian
As you can see Drag Queen, Manila Luzon who is “cooking” a term used when the product sits under the eyes so that it has a chance to better work into the skin without creasing or caking up after its left on the skin for about 15-30 minutes its all blended in all the hard lines are defused and your left with a really gorgeous contoured and glowy face. I also feel like its not the “New Contouring” as contouring is about creating depth and shadow to the face and strobing is basically the opposite so if anything its the new highlighting rather than the new contouring
Manila Luzon
You can use different products to create this look always try go for cream type products then you can go over them with more shimmery powders the idea is not to use any matte type products as that kind of cancels out the effect.
I love using products like MAC Strobe Cream, Illamasqua Gleam, Benefit Highbeam and Sunbeam, NARS Copacabana Multiple
You will want to place these products under the eyes extending out then under the browbone, under the chin, on the forehead, top of the lip on the cupids bow and down the nose.
Strobing? The New Contouring??
What do you think of Strobing?
Will you be giving it a go?
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  • Frankie Clarke

    i LOVE the look of stobing and its something ive been doing personally for years, contouring is hard work so i much prefer this method and it just looks so lovely on the skin!

    Frankie Boo Blog

  • Mwezzi

    Strobing is pretty on some, but as a girl who’s been fighting against shiny oily skin since her teens I doubt I’ll be trying it much – other people’s ‘healthy glow’ is my ‘oil slick with blush’!

  • Ellie C

    Literally writing a post about this right now! I’ve been doing this for so long, I sometimes prefer my skin to look light and glowy without the contour step. I saw a post a few weeks ago on Buzzfeed about strobing and thought “this has always been a thing?!” haha. It’s still a great makeup technique though, I personally love it x

  • Great post Andrew! I’ve been really intrigued by this but am yet to play about with it on myself – that might have to be this afternoon’s task! I’ve heard the term cooking a couple of times now. What products would work best for this? Powder? Cream? Liquid? Would you just use it to conceal or highlight under the eyes or is it used in other places as well? Xx

    Tania |

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I think I prefer strobing to contouring and find it much easier. I’d love to know what your absolute must have products to strobe would be x

  • I haven’t even mastered contouring yet, let alone strobing. I really like the idea of it, and i’d like to think it would look great on my face as i have combination skin. May have to give this a try, although i can’t help feeling i may look like a clown afterwards!

    Courtney |

  • I think I’ll give it ago. If Kim K loves it, why not!? Although I doubt mine will look as good as hers! xx

    Glossy Boutique

  • informative post my love! thank you x

  • I love the idea of this and I’ve tried strobing a few times. It looks great on some people but personally don’t think it suits me. I much prefer to chisel out my face with a bit of contour! Hah.!
    -Nishi x