New Glasgow Salon: Number 659

New Glasgow Salon: Number 659
Hey Beauties!
Today i have a great post for you, i met up with a brand new salon a few weeks ago and to be perfectly honest i was a bit surprised at how well the salon was laid out it was nothing like i had seen before which is obviously amazing!
Number 659 is a one stop shop for everything hair and beauty. They offer everything from cutting to colouring, styling, makeup, nails, and sorts of beauty treatments all done in the comfort of their fantastic salon.

New Glasgow Salon: Number 659
The work that goes on at Number 659 is so good! you can tell it’s a quality salon. The owners Stacie and David describe the salon as a place to chill out and have a great time its not like other salons in the respect of you get your hair done and you’re rushed out the door before you can get your coat on,
The layout of the salon really impressed me its really minimal everything has its own cupboard or storage spot and nothing is left out so the salon looks constantly clean and gorgeous! 
What really impressed me was the attitude towards hair that everyone at Number 659 had, it was all about the amazing hairstyles and the vibrant colours. One of my favourite hair colours was actually on one of the stylists, Kirsty her hair was the most amazing pastel bluey purple her hair colour was something i wish i could have but i’m staying away from colour just now haha
New Glasgow Salon: Number 659
For me personally the best part any salon is the backwash basins. I think when your getting your hair washed its literally the best part as it’s so relaxing but wait there’s more at Number 659 there is a little extra to help you relax , the chairs for the backwash basins are actually massage chairs! how amazing is that you get your own little massage while getting your hair done!
New Glasgow Salon: Number 659
If you dont want your hair done that day then there is always Beauty on the second floor where you will find an area to get your nails and makeup done and a separate room right up the back for beauty treatments away from the hussle and bussle of the salon.
New Glasgow Salon: Number 659
I can tell you that this a place you will want to check it out, Number 659 is located on Great Western Road in Glasgow its really easy to get to as all you need to do is get on the subway in Glasgow and get off at Hillhead and your 5 minutes walk away from the salon 659

Check out their website at and also check out their facebook page here
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