The Eyelash Curler by Kevyn Aucoin Review

The Eyelash Curler by Kevyn Aucoin Review
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When doing eye makeup i think that having a great eyelash curler is so important even though they do look a little like a torture device, they can make your eyes look even more open giving them that really awake look and can also make your lashes look so much more full and longer.
My personal favourite has always been The Eyelash Curler by Kevyn Aucoin, i find these work better than any other i have used before. I know how popular the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers are but for me they never worked as well as the Kevyn Aucoin ones. I think it’s just down to personal preference, i own both pairs but always go for the Kevyn Aucoin ones.

The Eyelash Curler by Kevyn Aucoin Review

My main reason for liking these over Shu Uemura would be the curve of the curler, the Kevyn Aucoin one is more rounded than the Shu Uemura even though Kevyn Aucoin did design the Shu Uemura curlers he said that he felt it was not as universal as he had wanted it to be so in time went on to design his own which i honestly think are much better.
If you are looking for an eyelash curler this one would be a great pick because it tends to work with most everyone’s eyes and works well for both Men and Women. I find that this curler tends to give an even bigger more dramatic curl because of the more rounded shape it has
There tends to be a few common concerns with this curler but it isn’t anything that make it any less effective. If you go too close to the lash line you’ll find it will pinch your lids but so long as you’re taking care and watching where you’re going you won’t pinch yourself and to add to that the red silicone band will make it easier to see where your lashes are. Another concern i have heard is the finger holes are a bit too small for some people but for me i think they are fine as i dont have the biggest of fingers anyway.
If you are interested in trying these out you will be able to find them in SpaceNK shops or online at for £17 which is actually cheaper than the Shu Uemura Lash Curler at £20.
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  • Ooh, this is a bit of a curveball for me! I’ve just about convinced myself recently that it actually is worth paying extra for eyelash curlers rather than sticking with the cheap-o ones I normally use, and I was gonna go fur Shu Uemura. BUT, I find the curve of most curlers I’ve tried just doesn’t fit my eye and I either pinch the skin in the middle or can’t get the outer lashes in without some really weird manoeuvring! Might well go for these instead, thanks for the review 🙂

    Misia xx |