Favourite Beauty Products of 2015
Hey Beauties!
How are you all? I hope you had an amazing Christmas and got everything that you wanted, I know I did well more I got what I didn’t know that I needed that being a tabletop lighting box for my blog images so I can take photos even if it’s dark can you best present ever?
Since 2015 is drawing to a close I thought I would do my favourite products of 2015 this year I tried a lot of amazing products, but the above products were things that I went back to time and time again.

The Comforter Shower Cream from Lush

First, we have The Comforter Shower Cream from Lush, this was something that was only available in the Oxford Street store for so long then as you’ll know it released to normal Lush Stores. At first I was like do I really want to try it so I ended up buying the small bottle and I have to say once I used it there was no going back! It is literally the best scent ever, it really does feel like a big berry hug!

Lush describes it as:

“a berrylicious, reassuring shower cream brings to mind warm, familiar memories. The blend of sweet cassis absolute, uplifting bergamot and assuring cypress essential oils create a blackcurranty aroma that’s like being wrapped in a snug hug.”
Kiehl's Epidermal Re-Texturising Micro-Dermabrasion
The Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturising Micro-Dermabrasion completely changed everything for me in 2015. I’ve always had problems with my skin as it’s dry but oily at the same time you could say I had typically combination skin so parts of my face would be super oily and others would be super dry. So when I first tried this it blew me away my skin felt smooth and even there was no dry skin and somehow it seemed to even out the oiliness of my skin as well. I only use this once a week because it is the closest thing to micro dermabrasion you’d get in a salon only at home so use it sparingly.
label. men Grooming Cream
The label. men Grooming Cream was a latecomer as it arrived at the start of December but I felt it needed to be in my favourites because it’s something i’ve used constantly throughout the month and if you know me you’ll know I’m not that good at sticking to the one product. I find this gives my hair that really great control without making it sticky or rock solid. Once you’ve blow-dried this into your hair you’ll find that your style has set and it will stay the way you blow dry it, of course you can use finishing products I use a bit of Hairspray and that’s about it.
Fab Brows Palette
Fab Brows were something completely new for me in 2015 I has no idea they existed, but I’m glad I know about them now because they do a fantastic brow colour I don’t think I could live without. I’m a big brow fan when they are done properly of course and this brow colour gives you everything you need. Not pictured here are the 6 brow stencils that comes with it and the small double ended brush to help you do your brows. I think overall what I liked so much about this was the fact it wasn’t super pigmented but it was easy to build up colour if you needed it.
Emma Hardie Amazing Face Eye Cream
What can i say about the out of this world Emma Hardie Amazing Face Eye Cream that i haven’t already said ive been using this eye cream for a few years now and as i said before find it very hard to stick to products but this has given me such amazing results its hard for me to part from it. I get to try all sorts of different eye creams but i find myself  always coming back to the Amazing Face Eye Cream.
The Amazing Face Eye Cream contains a power ingredient called Matrixyl 3000 which studies have shown that continued use even only after 1 month of daily application has shown to slow down the aging process by 1.8 years, Age Support Eye Cream also contains the dual action and moisturising effects of Hyaluronic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres help to soothe, naturally hydrate and plumps the skin whilst Collageneer gives the skin it’s firmness and elasticity also containing Emma’s signature botanicals, Caffeine and Moringa Seed Oil, it has been designed to moisturise and light the eye area visibly improving the tone and elasticity.
Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate
It seems most of this year’s picks are skin care and I think that’s because 2015 was the year I really embraced skin care. Daily Reviving Concentrate by Kiehl’s was one of those products that you want to keep using every day simply because it makes your skin feel fantastic, I found using the Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturising Micro-Dermabrasion then this would just make my skin very happy. Daily Reviving Concentrate made my skin look more alive. I’ve found that if you are having a bad day or if you haven’t had enough sleep, Daily Reviving Concentrate is going to be your best friend as it just perks your face up and as it says helps to reduce the signs of skin fatigue.
Nip+Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads
Last but by no means the least is the Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Cleansing Pads again another new product that spurred me on to try more products from Nip+Fab. What they do best is make my skin feel softer than it usually is which in part is again thanks to the Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturising Micro-Dermabrasion they also seem to keep my skin hydrated more thanks to the hyaluronic acid in them.
Each pad contains a mixture of Dragon’s blood which isn’t as scary as it sounds its actually found in the the Croton Lechleri tree and it forms protective film on skin to protect against environmental aggressors, Salicylic acid which deeply cleanses your pores and aids exfoliation as it gets rid of all the dead skin cells, Hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin and refines your skin’s texture as i said i have found my skin feels much smoother than it did before using these and lastly Witch Hazel which reduces redness and tightens your pores.
What were your favourites of 2015?
Did you enjoy skincare, makeup or hair more?
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  1. 27th December 2015 / 7:14 pm

    I absolutely love the comforter shower cream it smells beautiful!


  2. Joey Taylor
    27th December 2015 / 8:47 pm

    How amazing is Kiehl’s stuff, I can’t get enough of there products! I am still in love with Paw Paw from aus – the lip balm is amazing and would recommend it! x


    • 2nd January 2016 / 7:16 pm

      Kiehls is amazing! its no surprise i have a few in my favourites! you know i just got sent the Dr PawPaw balm and im actually really liking it

  3. Chi Obinna
    27th December 2015 / 9:02 pm

    I sadly haven’t used any of these products but now have new products to try in 2016.


  4. Ginger Snacks
    30th December 2015 / 9:48 pm

    I’ve just recently discovered Nip+Fab, particularly the Dragon’s Blood and I absolutely love it! Great blog, looks amazing, I’m looking forward to hunkering down for a proper nose around 😀

    • 2nd January 2016 / 7:15 pm

      They are amazing arnt they? they totally changed my skin this year! Thanks for reading and commenting i really appreciate it x

  5. Melissa Zia
    2nd January 2016 / 4:48 pm

    So many fab choices here!
    I have been meaning to try the lush comforter for ages now! It sounds lovely 🙂

    Melissa | http://www.fruityflamingo.co.uk

    • 2nd January 2016 / 7:14 pm

      Thanks Melissa! i absolutely love it if you dont want to waste money on something you might not like try the small bottle first its only like £3? i think x

  6. Katie Jones
    2nd January 2016 / 11:49 pm

    I love Nip + Fab, have heard the Dragon’s Blood range is really good. I’ve been using the Viper Venom and Glycolic ranges which are really good on my skin. I’m really intrigued by the brow palette, I’ve been looking to try a new one as my Sleek one is running out so will have to try and hunt this lne down! Katie x


  7. Liyana❋
    4th January 2016 / 3:50 am

    That Lush Shower Cream looks SO good! I’d very much like to be wrapped in a snug hug of that pink deliciousness 🙂


  8. 4th January 2016 / 11:02 am

    Can you believe I haven’t used anything from LUSH for like 10 years besides the solid shampoo to clean my makeup brushes?! I think I am the only beauty blogger in the world and actually my mission this week is to hot a LUSH store and get some bits! I think the Kiehl’s MD scrub is really, REALLY good….comparible to Dr Brandt, Goldgaden and not quite as pricey. I love Emma Hardie but yet to try this eye cream which sounds good…..although I can see you also had problems with the packaging cracking!!! I don’t think I’ve had any of her products that the packaging has stayed in tact ha ha xx

  9. 4th January 2016 / 12:57 pm

    I need to get around to trying some Kiehl’s it seems. So many items and I haven’t even tried anything yet, hmm. That dermabrasion sounds right up my alley.


  10. 4th January 2016 / 1:29 pm

    Great selection of favourites. I’m such a fan of Kiehls (loving Skin Rescuer) and that Daily Revive Concentrate is probably the next oil I’ll try.

  11. Kirsty Conway
    5th January 2016 / 6:15 pm

    Emma Hardie is amazing – literally changed my life! (Well, rescued my skin!) Great choices, I’ll be following for more ideas of products to try! Kirsty x

  12. Charlotte Moore
    6th January 2016 / 3:33 pm

    I had no idea the comforter shower gel was available in more lush stores now, well that’s just made my day! I’ve not tried the Emma Hardie eye cream but I swear by her cleansing balm and facial oil 🙂 I’m using the Kiehls midnight eye cream at the minute and the ANR eye serum. I’ve had a pack of the nip and fab exfoliating pads in my stash for ages and still not got round to opening them because I’m always trying something new – blogger problems haha! Fab post 😀 xx

  13. Fashion Du Jour LDN
    8th January 2016 / 10:14 pm

    SOOOOO intrigued by the Fab Brows! And hello Dragon’s Blood – I have a Dragon’s Blood moisturizer, serum and eye cream from Balance Active, so a cleanser sounds like LIFE ?

    Love Leigh at FDJ LDN x

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