Illamasqua Equinox for Christmas 2015 – Celestial Palette Review

Illamasqua Celestial Palette Review

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I know I keep saying this, but I can’t believe it’s December already! where has the year gone it’s almost Christmas just 24 days to go! I have to apologise as well about not posting much last week as I was ill there is something going about and it’s not nice anyway today I thought I would talk about this gorgeous palette from Illamasqua called Celestial which is part of their Christmas collection, “Equinox”

Illamasqua Celestial Palette Review
Top left to right – Quell, Solace
Bottom left to right-  Jubilance, Orb 


Equinox is when the day and the night are the same lengths, there is one coming up in late December which is usually the shortest day. Illamasqua describes Equinox as signifying a desert at night, engulfed by the starry skies and the constellations of the universe. Harnessing broken golds, lustrous pigments and deep burnished hues.

The Celestial Palette contains 4 eyeshadows: Quell (champagne)Solace (burnished industrial grey) which are both a satin finish, Jubilance (polished warm copper) and Orb (black) are an intense shimmery finish. My favourite colour has to be Jubilance look at that intense shimmer! how can you not love it. These eyeshadows are different compared to the normal powder formula as these are cream to powder. At first i wasn’t a big fan of these types of eyeshadows as it takes me back to when the paranormal palette was out. The colours in that palette were beautiful but you couldn’t get any pigmentation from them. I was actually surprised at these because being the same formula as the paranormal palette i expected myself not to like them but something in the formula must have changed as these are much more pigmented and seem to apply and blend better.

You’ll find that the wear time of these is pretty awesome because think of it as a cream base that sets down so once this has been set it really isn’t going anywhere. I think everyone would be able to use this as its not an actual cream so you don’t have to worry about smudging or creasing but I would still use an eye primer underneath just in case

The Illamasqua Celestial Palette (£34*) is available from and from counters nationwide


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