Tangled Hair? You need The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush

Hey Beauties!

How are you all doing? good days all around? Today i wanted to talk about something that I found a while back in Boots and have been using ever since. The Wet Brush is a fantastic alternative to the tangle teezer. My main problems with the Tangle Teezer where I couldn’t keep a grip on the thing, when it gets wet it’s about as slippery as a bar of soap so trying to use it wasn’t easy but not with The Wet Brush it has a handle like a normal brush would, it basically looks like your average brush until you actually use it. The Wet Brush is described as:

” A detangling hair brush that will glide through your locks with minimum effort, relieving you of the daily battle with knotted hair. Say “goodbye” to pain and “hello” to gain when you tame wet hair or style dry hair with the Wet Brush – you’ll question how you ever lived without one!”

The Wet Brush

I was kind of skeptical on how a brush could do as much as described above but i was surprised the first time i used it on a client in college it just seemed to glide through the hair, detangling any knots or tuggy parts without any bother. I think it’s all because of the bristles of the brush they are all plastic and very thin and malleable so they move about a lot in essence The Wet Brush mimics what the Tangle Teezer does but better.

The Wet Brush

The brush itself is rubberised so even when it gets wet it wont be slipping out of your hand and is easy to keep a grip of. The only thing I find that is a drawback is the brush is its kind of hard to clean as it collects hair like a normal brush but it seems like the hair sticks to the pad of the brush and just won’t come off, i have to use the shower head to get it clean after use which can be a little annoying and inconvenient although if you are just using this on yourself I don’t think you would need to go through that hassle

Overall this is a fantastic brush and i would totally recommend you picking one up if you haven’t tried the Tangle Teezer or if you find it hard to use the Tangle Teezer.
You can purchase The Wet Brush from Boots for £11.99 in a variety of different colours

The Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer?
What do you prefer?
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