Beautiful Brows Contour Kit Review

Beautiful Brows Contour Kit Review

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I love a good contour, i think when done properly contouring can change your face in ways you love. Lately ive been using the Beautiful Brows Contour Kit and ive been really loving the contour colour Mocha from this palette as well as Champagne and Vanilla for highlighting.

Beautiful Brows Contour Kit Review

The Beautiful Brows Contour Kit comes in a palette containing 6 different colours from highlighting and contouring. Champagne is a shimmery pearl that goes on gorgeous its the perfect product for strobing,  Vanilla is a yellow based highlight that can be used to get that Kim Kardashian contour/highlight by drawing an inverted triangle under the eyes and onto the cheeks, Nude is your average highlighting colour that can be used to highlight the cheek bones then can be set with a powder highlighter of your choice,  Chocolate is a terracotta shade makes a good cream bronzer even though this is a contour palette it still makes a good bronzer, Mocha is contour of choice its a block brown with grey undertones so it makes it perfect for creating the shadows under the cheek bones, Caramel is a deeper contour colour that could be used on light/medium skin to give the same effect as Mocha only a touch warmer.

Beautiful Brows Contour Kit Review

I really like the consistency of the creams they aren’t dry but they aren’t super oily either its that good balance between the two. When wearing them you are looking at about 6/7 hours wear time from these on their own but when set with a powder contour its obviously going to last a lot longer.

As you can see above the contour colour Mocha looks fantastic because it creates the depth you want to achieve without it looking like you’re actually wearing a contour cream.

6.7/10 Overall
Mocha is the perfect cool toned brown contour colour
Other than Mocha the colours are a bit too red based
Easy to use kit contains three highlighting and three contouring creams. These creams are extremely easy to work with, highly pigmented and blendable, which helps to give an overall natural healthy glow. All shades are versatile to suit all skin tones and work together to help sculpt, define and expertly emphasise your cheekbones, nose and jawline.
Lasting Power

You can find the Beautiful Brows Contour Kit online at for £40*

What is your favourite colour?
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  • Lou

    I love the look of this contour kit! I think contour palettes can look very intimidating in the pan so I tend to stick to the powder versions which I find easier to use but I really love the look of this cream-based kit x
    Louise |

  • It’s such a pity one shade is perfect and the rest are too red!

  • IK

    I need a good contouring powder in my life! Ever since I’ve started contouring, if I try to skip that step I feel like my face looks like a round ball 😛 It looks so dull! I cannot skip contouring, even if it’s just very lightly! 🙂

    Fashion & lifestyle blogger – Memoir of IK