First Impressions: Lancome Energie de Vie Collection

First Impressions: Lancome Energie de Vie Collection

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We are all looking for that one thing that’s going to give us amazing skin, ive tried tons of different products some have been having some have been…not so good. I recently had the opportunity to try out Lancome’s new range Energie de Vie. This new collection contains natural antioxidants such as lemon balm, goji berries and gentian root extract which are chosen for their energising and protective properties, products include: Lancôme’s first liquid moisturiser Smoothing & Glow-boosting Liquid Care, which leaves skin fresh and radiant, delivering a smooth and plump finish; Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask, which can be applied and removed after 20 minutes or used overnight; and Smoothing and Plumping Pearly Lotion, containing translucent pearls and can be used under moisturiser or on its own to give skin a boost

First Impressions: Lancome Energie de Vie Collection

I really like the idea behind this collection because Energie de Vie takes hydration to new levels. Now you can say yes to everything as your skin will still look great in the morning, like you went to bed at 8pm.

I’ve been using the Energie de Vie range for about 2 weeks now and so far my skin feels really smooth and hydrated especially around my nose which tends to be a big trouble spot for me as it gets so insanely dry.

First Impressions: Lancome Energie de Vie Collection
Energie de Vie Liquid Moisturiser (£28*)

I have to admit it is a bit weird using a liquid moisturiser because ive never used anything like this before. I discovered that a little goes a long way i only use about 1 pump and that covers my entire face. Even after only a few uses of this liquid moisturiser i could feel the difference in my skin it felt softer and smoother it wasnt as dry and rough as it was before which is a big plus for me.

First Impressions: Lancome Energie de Vie Collection
Energie de Vie Pearly Wake-up Lotion (£28*)

Now this product was the one that confused me dont get me wrong its a great product but i was like….what do i do with it because there was literally no instructions on how to use. After a while of searching i found out that bascially its a lotion that can applied to a clean face and either massaged into the skin or applied with a cotton pad to wake up and energise your skin. Its for those mornings when your skin just won’t wake up tired skin is instantly moisturised, looks revitalised and refreshed – and ready for the day ahead.

First Impressions: Lancome Energie de Vie Collection
Energie de Vie Sleeping Mask (£42*)

I am a big fan of sleeping masks as your skin goes into repair when you sleep so the idea of using a mask over night is a great idea for me because im really bad a remembering to use masks sometimes.

Lancome describes this as:

“This sumptuous, bouncy new mask plumps up your skin with moisture, leaving it looking hydrated, fresher and visibly smoother. The melt-in texture transforms with the heat of your skin, instantly breaking into hydrating water droplets. Give your skin the hydration it needs, with this overnight recovery care for a complexion that looks healthier, smoother and more radiant.”

All in all i think this is a fantastic collection even if you dont buy the whole collection try something as its totally worth it because we all want fresher, smoother hydrated skin.
You can find the Energie de Vie range on the Lancome website or on Lancome counters

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