Charlotte Tilbury Arrives in House of Frasers Glasgow!

Charlotte Tilbury Arrives in House of Frasers Glasgow!

Hey Beauties!

I think it’s safe to say that when I heard that a Charlotte Tilbury counter was going to Glasgow I freaked out a little because for the longest time the only place you could get Charlotte’s range was either online or in her store in London.
For those of you out there who don’t know about Charlotte, I would suggest looking her up because if there is one makeup artist you should be following its her. Charlotte’s work is astounding she’s worked with everyone from Kate Moss to Kim Kardashian. The range started off with her Magic Cream which, if you know about Charlotte you’ll understand the amount of times i wished i could get my hands on Magic Cream before it launched haha!

Charlotte Tilbury Arrives in House of Frasers Glasgow!

I was invited along to a Masterclass with Charlotte Tilbury which was really insightful. The way the brand does makeup just really intrigues me, everything is very glam, think of Hollywood red carpet makeup that’s what you’ll find at the Charlotte Tilbury Counter.
The Masterclass started off with them explaining who Charlotte Tilbury was and what the brand was about. The two makeup artists who were taking the event explained that they were going to be creating their most popular look the “Dolce Vita”

Charlotte Tilbury Arrives in House of Frasers Glasgow!

They went through the entire look showing everyone the best way to apply makeup. I love that Charlotte has created cards for each look which detail which products were used and how to use them. No to mention that each counter has The Original Makeup Wardrobe which has all 10 of the looks on one counter showing you all the products you need to use to get that look.

Charlotte Tilbury Arrives in House of Frasers Glasgow!

I was really surprised at how busy the counter was, i knew that there would be a lot of people there but i really didn’t expect it to be as packed as it was. I think that goes to show you that there was a need for this type of counter in Glasgow.
If you are really interested in seeing how to create the signature Dolce Vita look, take a look at the video below where Charlotte explain what you need and how to go about achieving that look.

Having a look around the counter, it really did feel like I was in London again looking around her store. I’m just so glad that the counter has come to Glasgow and of now is the only Charlotte Tilbury counter in Scotland. It was a little hard to navigate around the counter, as there were so many people, although I tried not to buy much on the night as I knew I would go a little overboard, but there was one thing I needed to try and it was the Mini Miracle Eye Wand which contains an eye brightener on one end and a firming under eye cream on the other, hopefully I will have a review of this up soon when i have used it for a long enough amount of time.

Charlotte Tilbury Arrives in House of Frasers Glasgow!

If you are in Glasgow City Centre at any time makeup sure to check out the Charlotte Tilbury Counter in House of Fraser on Buchanan Street, You really won’t regret it.

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury’s range before?
What’s your favourite product?
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