Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

Hey Beauties!

It’s not very often these days that I’m wowed by a product but I think it’s safe to say that I was pretty blown away with how good this concealer is! It really lives up to its name of Amazing Concealer.

Colour and Pigmentation

The Amazing Concealer has an extensive range of 20 different colours from Ivory to Warm Deep. For a makeup brand that isn’t as big as your department store brands, I think that it is fantastic that they are catering for all skin colours. The pigmentation of the concealer again is …amazing, you only need the smallest amount of this concealer to cover quite large areas. Amazing Concealer is formulated to erase the appearance of all skin imperfections; dark circles, broken capillaries, sun damage, blemishes and redness.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review


Usually when I see concealers like this they are so pigmented that they are often really heavy and quite cruel showing up every patch of dry skin you have but with the Amazing Concealer I’ve found that the application is really easy.  As I said you only need the smallest amount and it moves around with no bother at all –  it blends like a dream and doesn’t drag on my skin which usually is the one thing I hate – when you can see the concealer is covering something. I think the best thing about this concealer is the fact it can be applied under the eyes to cover dark circles. Usually you stay away from thick concealers under the eyes because they crease so much but with the Amazing Concealer it just looked like there was nothing there.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

Wear Time

Although this is quite a thick concealer, it wears surprisingly well! With the proper primer and setting powder I got around 6/7 hours out of this concealer which to me is fantastic because you don’t want to be touching up your makeup throughout the day. Even under the eyes I got a really good wear out of it and it didn’t even crease which is a big plus!


Amazing Concealer comes in a little squeezy tube which comes in either 6ml or 15ml, I find that the 6ml tube is enough as you’re using so little product you never run out! I really like the packaging of these concealers because you not only can see what colour you’re using from the little stripe on the bottom but it tells you what the colour is called as well.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

Price and Where to Buy

You can find the Amazing Concealer online at for £19.50* for the 6ml tube 

All opinions on this product are my own

  • Price
  • How well does it work
  • Is it worth the price tag
The Good

Very Pigmented

Does Not Crease

Water Resistant

The Bad

Really Expensive for what you get

Can be hard to get in the UK

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