Save or Splurge – Real Techniques VS Beauty Blender

Save or Splurge - Real Techniques VS Beauty Blender

Hey Beauties!

Let’s get one thing out there…I love a good makeup sponge and,  no I’m not talking about the makeup sponge of old,  I’m talking about the new type of sponges like your Beauty Blenders and Real Techniques. Now, a lot of people have used both types, but which is the best? 

Fortunately I have 2 of such sponges here – I’m going to be comparing the Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge and the Beauty Blender Micro Mini. Both are of the same shape and size but there are a few differences which I will talk about in a minute.  First off, the price point  is very different. The Beauty Blender is a lot more expensive coming in at around £15 depending on what site or store you buy it in and the Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge is £5.99

Save or Splurge - Real Techniques VS Beauty Blender

First off we can see that the shape is the same but the Real Techniques sponge, like the large version, had a slice cut out of it which is to aid in blending over larger surfaces. The top is also cut off which gives you a flat surface to erase makeup mistakes. I don’t use the Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge the way they say you should because I think it has so much more potential than just an eraser, I use it to blend concealer around the eyes and to apply to the nose. These smaller sponges are fantastic for when your regular sponge just won’t cut it.

Save or Splurge - Real Techniques VS Beauty Blender

Next we have the Micro Mini by Beauty Blender and, this is just a personal opinion but, I think I like these better simply because they blend better.  They are softer and don’t tend to drag product the way I feel the Real Techniques sponge does. I like that the Micro Mini is basically just a smaller version of the original Beauty Blender. You want to use this cute little sponge on the smaller areas of your face – it’s fantastic for concealer and even better for blending out spots and pimples without aggravating them too much 

Save or Splurge - Real Techniques VS Beauty Blender

Comparing both together there isn’t much difference, the only difference I can see is the Micro Mini is a little softer so it makes it easier to move product around with. Apart from that there isn’t much to distinguish them –just the price! Even though they are said to do 2 different things, I feel like they aren’t that different at all…go figure.  

Save or Splurge - Real Techniques VS Beauty Blender

As with all of these posts if you can afford and prefer the more expensive version go for it but if you would like to try a more affordable option i always like to show a comparison this time being the Real Techniques Sponge

Andrew James

Scottish Hair and Makeup Artist obsessed with all things beauty! Creator of Beauty and The Boy, a Scottish Beauty Blog covering everything from skincare, hair and makeup to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends

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