Girl Meets Brush Review

Girl Meets Brush Review

Hey Beauties!

As you may, or may not, know I am an absolute brush junkie! I don’t know why but I love a good brush! (You really should see the collection I’ve amassed ha ha)

I think looking for the best makeup brushes can be quite hard as there is so much out there so you tend to get a bit lost, at least I do sometimes. I recently got to try out some awesome brushes from a Scottish brand called Girl Meets Brush.  Founded in 2015, Girl Meets Brush was created by Lynne Mills to make applying makeup simple. Girl Meets Brush is a range of 12 essential make-up brushes for use by professionals and non-professionals alike – with the option of an added tutorial from the ‘Pro Expert Team’ of Make Up Artists.



I honestly don’t know of any other brand out there who offers to show you how to best use the brushes you buy. This to me is amazing because there is always that one brush you’re never really too sure what to do with.

As I said, this kit contains 12 brushes which can be bought individually as well as in the set. I personally have a few favourites in this kit:

  • The Lip Brush because I absolutely hate how a lot of lip brushes these days are either half the size of a normal brush or retractable so it’s great to finally get a brush I can actually use properly
  • The Angled Brush – Now this is one sharp brush! I can’t get over how much of a defined line you can get with this, it’s perfect! It’s one of those brushes I need multiple of because again a lot of angled brushes are too thick and if it’s too thick then you can’t get a good line with it which is just annoying
  • The Highlighter Brush – I have never seen a better brush than this before. It’s something I’ve been searching for a long time. The only brand I knew that did something like it was Morphe but I wasn’t paying for the shipping and import tax so when this came along OMG!


If you are interested in Girl Meets Brush you can check them out at (the 12 brush set is £69.99*, which yes I agree is a bit much to be paying for brushes although this comes with an online consultation in which they focus on what you want to know makeup wise)

What are your favourite brushes?
Which Girl Meets Brush would you choose?
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  • The brushes look like really good quality, but for the price I think I would go for Zoeva over this. Their brushes are just prettier, thanks for sharing! Great photos and review x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • HeartNSoul

    Good brushes give good results. Although, they are high in price; however, they sound worth it. So true, it is hard to find a good angled brush; which is the brush that is important…got to have a perfect line. Our choice of brushes are by Essence of Beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  • sassy

    Never heard of this brand before but great brushes are important for everyone who loves makeup. Big powder & angeled brush are my fav from your pictures