Iconic London Evo Brushes Review

Iconic London Evo Brushes Review

Hey Beauties!

Two posts this week talking about brushes! Ha ha I did tell you I did love them…

Something was sent to me that I had seen a lot of on Instagram and really wanted to try them. Meet the Evo brushes from Iconic London. Yes, I know, they do kind of look like toothbrushes don’t they?  I can assure you they aren’t but anyway I was sent these a while back and never had the chance to try them out properly until recently. I can safely say I was really impressed – these brushes are definitely one to try.


I remember a few years back MAC was one of the first brands to release these types of brushes and back them I just passed them by because they looked so weird but in the recent years they have been gaining a lot of popularity.

The Evo brushes themselves are so densely packed it feels like you are using a sponge, it’s a weird feeling. What I really like about these brushes is they are so thick (so where you have a buffing brush which, if you have dry skin, leaves you with the consequence of micro-exfoliation where you pull up the dry patches on your skin and your foundation starts to look horrible and cakey) but with the Evo brushes there is none of that because they are so incredibly soft. You’ll find it’s a bit of a learning curve when you first use them but you will soon get into the swing of things.


The specific brushes that I was sent were 002 – which is perfect for foundation, blending out contour, bronzer, blush and setting powder,   003 – which is ideal to sculpt out your cheekbones and 004 – is just the thing to highlight, contour and conceal.

You’ll find as you use them you will be using less and less makeup as you go along because these brushes spread makeup really well.  I found myself using only one pump of my favourite NARS Tinted Moisturiser. I do have to say these are more of a personal use brush because of how they are designed so I wouldn’t recommend them to makeup artists out there looking for new brushes.

Iconic London Evo Brushes Review

You can find the brand new updated Evo Brushes online at https://www.iconiclondoninc.com/  . The only difference between these brushes and the new ones is the handle of the brush.

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