Products I Regret Buying

Products I Regret Buying

Hey Beauties!

I dont usually do these types of posts but i thought why not seeing as i constantly talk about how amazing products are, i thought for once i might talk about the products that disappointed me in one way or another.
I dont usually come across products that i dont like that much as im rather obsessive about finding out about products before buying them but here i think these were kind of impulsive purchases.

Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Condtioner

This was definitely impulsive as it wasnt cheap i think i paid around £25+! I had tried the shampoo of the Marula Oil line and it was an alright shampoo so i thought i might like the conditioner as well but to be honest i wasnt all that impressed with it because it didn’t do anything it said it would, “Smooth, Soften and Nourish” yeah that didnt happen it just made my hair feel weird as if it was greasy after washing it. Ive used a lot of oil based shampoos before and they have been fantastic Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Oil Shampoo that stuff is amazing.

Vichy Dermablend

I had heard a lot about the Vichy Dermablend and how people really liked it so i happened to find this in TK MAXX and gave it a try but again i didnt like it as it was just too thick and cakey no matter what i did it would just cake up and make spots look more pronounced than before. I might give the liquid version a go and hopefully that will be better.

Barry M Strobe Cream

I saw this in boots and loved the idea of a more affordable cream highlighter so i picked it up and i liked it to start with but its got this weird blue/purple tone to it so in some lights it looks awesome but in others it just looks so out of place and just unnatural. I dont know what the idea was behind giving it such a weird colour but yeah i didnt like it.

Lush Cosmetics

If you didnt see my post on my instagram the main reason besides being a crappy product was the lids just wouldnt stay on and would pop off all the time which as you can tell is rather irritating! I just didn’t like either of these products as they gave no coverage and the colour was just really off. Light Yellow just looks like you have a bit of jaundice going on and there was no coverage and with Charisma it just made me look orange, not a cute look. I also found that if i used it with another product it would just separate and look really uneven.

Benefit Cosmetics Brovo Brow Conditioning Primer

Now onto the most pointless product of all! I thought this would be a great idea as i love primers but really it honestly did nothing! if anything it made my brows a bit crispy which is never a good look. Benefit call it a “nutrient-rich primer for fuller-looking brows” but really it did nothing i have sparse spot on the ends of my brows i thought this would help but yeah you guessed it….nada!

What products have disappointed you?
Have you bought something you regretted?
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