Temptu Airpod System Review

Temptu Airpod Foundation Review

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I’ve been really bored of using the same old same old lately so i thought i would switch it up and try out something new, I have to admit that i am a massive fan of airbrushing and the fact its only ever been available professionally kind of sucks!
Airbrushing used to be quite annoying to be honest they were loud clunky and really annoying to clean so despite how good you may have looked it was just a hassle really. Thats why i was so happy when the Airpod system from Temptu launched it meant no mess, no need to clean which was a big plus for me.

Temptu Airpod System Review

What i love most about the Airpod system is not the amazing range of shades they offer but the versatility and ease of use. There are 2 types of system one that is seen as a more professional airbrush that has a PSI control on the compressor and looks like your regular airbrush and another that is a self contained unit that is more for at home use as it only has three settings. Gone are the days of having to carry around a massive airbrush compressor and very tools and accessories you would need.

The Temptu Airpod system is for anyone who not only wants to speed up their makeup routine but over time end up using less product for the same results of your regular foundation. I have also found that you can use the Airpod for really like sheer no makeup makeup or you can use it to get your full coverage glam type makeup!

Temptu Airpod System Review

The Airpod system has a 4 different products  – Foundation, Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter.

  • The foundation comes in 18 different shades i use shade 003 Warm Ivory (£36) – The foundation itself is one of my favourites as it doesn’t look like foundation! With airbrush foundation youre getting a defused “airbrush” finish to put it better. The coverage is fantastic i would say its a medium to full coverage depending on how you layer this foundation
  • There are 7 Highlighters in a variety of finishes for all skin types i have 301 Champagne (£28*) – Now this is a gorgeous highlighter, it does look a little glittery if you get close to the skin but when used properly it gives the most gorgeous glow.
  • There are 8 Blushes, i dont tend to use this much as i dont use blush but i have the shade 403 Washed Rose (£24*)
  • There is only 1 bronzer/contour which is called Warm Glow (£28*)

Even though you might think the above is rather expensive i would say that they last longer than a regular foundation would, i have had 2 of these pods now and each lasted me around 3 months of daily use which when you think about it works out really well.
The only thing that i would say would be expensive is the purchase of the airbrush itself (£160*) but that’s only a one time thing and is well worth it especially for those of you that are wary of bacteria and hygiene with your makeup as nothing ever actually touches your skin there are no brushes or sponges the makeup is sprayed directly onto your face from the pod which is also great for those of you with acne!

All of these products are water resistant as well as having a wear time of about 10 hours, I know when someone says 10 hours i would usually be like …..yeah sure i have used these myself and i get the best wear time without any touch ups which is what i want.

Temptu Airpod System Review

You can find the Airpod system at on the Temptu Website if you live in the US but if you live in the UK like a majority of my readers you can find the Airpod system in SpaceNK stores and Online

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